Working together to achieve net-zero

The NZAB is committed to working collaboratively with different groups and organizations.  Consistent with our Terms of Reference, the NZAB has forged positive working relationships both internationally and within Canada, particularly with other relevant bodies tasked with providing advice to the Government of Canada.

Canadian Climate Institute

Bringing together experts from diverse disciplines to undertake rigorous research, and conduct insightful analysis to bring clarity to the climate challenges.

Sustainable Finance Action Council

Helping lead the Canadian financial sector towards integrating sustainable finance into standard industry practice.

International Climate Councils Network

Climate advisory bodies from over 20 participating councils and six continents formed the International Climate Councils Network (ICCN) – the first group of its kind.

Net-Zero Pathways: Initial Observations

10 values and principles that we believe should guide the development of transition pathways for Canada to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.