Core Mandate

Created in 2021, Canada's Net-Zero Advisory Body is a permanent advisory group.

Our job is to listen to Canadians and provide independent advice on the most likely pathways for Canada to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

But there’s much more to our work than that, we:

  • Explore near-term actions and key building blocks.
  • Listen to science, Indigenous Knowledge, and local perspectives.
  • Draw on existing and emerging research, analysis, and technical expertise.
  • Identify research and engagement priorities to guide our work.
  • Lead meaningful national conversations.
  • Consider economic costs and opportunities, environmental benefits, contributions to inclusivity and well-being, and technological readiness and requirements.

We share our advice through a public annual report to the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

Compete and succeed in a net zero future

Concrete solutions that the Government of Canada should implement to ensure that Canada benefits from a carbon-neutral global economy, accelerates the achievement of a carbon-neutral economy and generates clean prosperity for generations to come.